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CEO (part time)

The introduction of Accounting Standard AASB 1023 together with Income Tax Ruling IT 2663 and a complete revision of Insurance Act returns in the 1980s was a catalyst for significant membership growth and demand to industry accounting forums and education services.  The proposed introduction of a new Accounting Standard in 2019 will see another opportunity to engage deeply with individual and corporate members.

Today, FSAA operates in all states and territories of Australia, although its members and activities are concentrated in Sydney and Melbourne. Currently the FSAA has over 700 individual members, many of which are members attaching to one of our 21 corporate members.

The FSAA is governed by a financial council (all volunteers) which acts as a board of the association and delegates its operations through a number of sub-committees. Each sub-committee is chaired by a board member who manages the program of that sub-committee and reports to the board at the monthly meeting on progress against the yearly plan. As a not-for-profit organisation, the FSAA aims to have a break-even (or slight profit) result for the year. Some areas subsidise other areas and also provide funds for investment in strategies for the future.

The CEO of the FSAA has responsibilities for assisting the board:

  • Set the ongoing strategy
  • Engaging with the industry at a senior level and market the organisation to those CFOs, corporate members and industry leaders to ensure ongoing industry support and feedback into FSAA direction
  • With FSAA administration, including monthly board meetings and the ongoing membership functions. Two part-time employees who report to the CEO on operational issues primarily undertake the administration and membership functions
  • To work with each of the board sub-committees in the execution of each sub-committee remit and to provide mentorship to sub-committee members.
  • To chair and lead the education sub-committee. Education is a cornerstone of the FSAA and the new accounting standards as well as expansion into the health and superannuation space are high priority areas of development that will require direct CEO involvement.


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